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THIALH - DATURA • ASTRA - 18K White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Necklace

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Description & Details

Since the birth of THIALH, a mysterious Elf appeared throughout THIALHs' DATURA collection called: ASTRA. The powerful symbol of joy and hope echo's the various sources of inspiration dear to THIALH: nature, poetry and luck. Adopted abstract or figurative ASTRA is made of sculpted gold and precious jewels.

The name sapphire comes from the Hebrew sapphir, meaning “most beautiful,” and the Greek sappheiros, meaning “blue stone.” The sapphire’s extensive palette of colours ranges from deep blue to intense pink and includes yellow, orange and green. Blue sapphires have always been the most prized for their rich and sumptuous hue: ultramarine, royal blue, sky blue, with nuances varying according to the stone’s origin.

This absolutely stunning necklace is made of 18K white gold, brilliant-cut diamond and is delicately crafted. A gorgeous sapphire pays tribute to the vitality of life. Each piece is handcrafted and inspires with its timeless design that can be worn in multiple ways to suit every occasion.

  • 18K White Gold
  • Sapphire, Pear-cut 
  • Diamonds  brilliant-cut diamonds, pavé-set totalling 0.55carat

Please note that each THIALH creation is handcrafted. As a result, the pearl or stone diameter may differ slightly from one creation to the next.