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Winfast (Vintage jewellery)

Over 30 years Vintage Jewelry brand in Hong Kong. Its products are sourced from auction houses, pawnshops, and charity events worldwide. 

Each item has been authenticated by professional buyers and an appraisal team, ensuring that they are made of genuine gold, diamonds, and gemstones.

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  1. 18K玫瑰金翡翠吊墜
  2. 18K白金翡翠吊墜
  3. 18K白金寶石頸鏈(粉紅色藍寶石)
  4. 鑽石頸鏈(PT850頸鏈,PT900吊墜)
  5. 18K白金鑽石頸鏈
  6. 18K白金鑽石頸鏈
  7. PT900鉑金寶石戒指(粉紅色拓帕寶石)
  8. 18K白金翡翠戒指
  9. PT900鉑金寶石戒指(藍寶石)
  10. PT900鉑金翡翠戒指
  11. PT900鉑金寶石戒指(粉紅色碧璽寶石)
  12. PT900鉑金翡翠戒指
  13. PT900鉑金翡翠戒指
  14. PT900鉑金寶石戒指(藍寶石)
  15. PT900鉑金寶石戒指(變色寶石)
  16. PT900鉑金寶石戒指(紅寶石)
  17. PT900鉑金寶石戒指(石榴石)