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Bridal - Bespoke Service

Bridal - Bespoke Service

Custom Diamond Services

Treasuring every moment worth remembering, THIALH is proud to offer the custom diamond services, allowing you to create your ideal ring for the special moment. From a vast amount of choices of settings and stones, our diamond specialists are here to help you to find the perfect design, and you will receive the ring of your dreams in three to five weeks.

Brilliant Diamonds

Our diamond experts go beyond the standard 4Cs—cut, color, clarity, and carat weight—to sort the best stones, guaranteeing the brilliance within the stones is maximized.

Easily Stackable

At THIALH, solitaires, engagement rings and wedding bands go hand-in-hand, allowing you stack them up to show your style. Both Datura and ROMAnce collections have a number of solitaire’s and wedding band’s designs to choose from for stacking up.

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