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About Us - THIALH London



We are THIALH London, a jewel of British design, born in 2017. We weave art, elegance, Britishness, and fashion into our creations, and craft a new classic style of jewellery that is simple, refined, and playful. Our brand logo is a mandala flower, a rare and mysterious blossom.

THIALH was the name of a prominent and sophisticated literary salon based in London’s West End, created in the 1970s by H.W. Alden, a wealthy playwright and patron of the arts.

The founders of THIALH Jewellery had the pleasure of joining the salon while studying in the UK. The inspiration of jewelleries were from everything in their surroundings, the colourful blooming flowers at the back garden to the crystal droplets on the overhead chandeliers. But most of all, inspiration came from the enlightening conversation with other members in the salon. Inside the art-filled walls, there was a real sense of community among THIALH’s participants.

Alden’s leaving led to the dissolution of the salon. THIALH Jewellery’s founders adopted the name to honour their source of inspiration, carrying the legacy and spirit of the salon forward to inspire people through art and culture.

Today, just like the salon, THIALH Jewellery is a collective. It’s a place where contemporary designers and artisans, from an array of places and cultures, each with distinctive and impeccable craftsmanship, gather with the common purpose of creating pieces of jewellery that are true works of art.