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THIALH - Castle - Bavarian Ring

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SKU: CQR3502

Description & Details

The Neuschwanstein Castle built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, Germany, was inspired by the prototype of the "Snow White Castle" that has been passed down by the world. It has a dreamy figure with white walls and blue roof. Triangles, rhombuses, squares, etc. are the core geometric structures. Square inches It’s all about “symmetry aesthetics”. The yellow crystal diamond is as clear and eye-catching as the sun. It forms the main matching stone with two lapis lazuli stones. It forms a white, blue and gold color combination with the white crystal diamond, vividly releasing the steady elegance and nobility and magnificence hidden in blue, making women's "dreams" "House" pops up at your fingertips.

  • Castle Collection
  • 18K White Gold plated
  • Lapis
  • Cubic Zirconia

Please note that each THIALH creation is handcrafted. As a result, the pearl or stone diameter may differ slightly from one creation to the next.