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THIALH has always been inspired by the Datura flower and handcrafted with exquisite craftsmanship.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

THIALH carefully ensures that each piece of THIALH jewellery   is a true work of art. Only after many hours of detailed work by skilled craftsman can the vibrant beauty of the gems be revealed.

Every piece of THIALH jewellery undergoes repeated design revisions. Only after many hours of fine polishing by engravers, polishers, and mosaicists, can the vibrant beauty of different gems be revealed and presented. THIALH carefully attends to every detail to ensure that each piece of THIALH jewellery is true work of art.

Through unique creativity combined with exquisite jewellery craftsmanship, THIALH portrays the beauty of immortal architectural artistry with poetic touch and style. The engravers start the process by carefully carving the gold according to the design drawings. Then, skilled polishers scrub and polish the jewels. Finally, the mosaicists inlay the gemstones precisely into the perfect positions. Under this flawless technique of the jewellers, every piece of THIALH jewellery becomes real artwork.

Precious Metal

THIALH uses only 750/1000 superior gold of 18 carats, which has a total of three colours:
18K Rose Gold;
18K White Gold;
18K Yellow Gold.

Selection of Gems

Based on a rigorous evaluation system, THIALH jewellery experts carefully examine every detail and select only the finest natural gemstones, the beautifully coloured gemstones that can perfectly interpret the ingenious design concepts.