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THIALH - FAUNA & FLORA - Starry Sky Diamond Earrings

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Description & Details

In the FLORA & FAUNA collection, THIALH turns to nature as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Fascinated by the constant metamorphoses of flora and fauna, THIALH creates pieces that reflect the flowers' splendour and gardens' opulence. In a universe characterised by lightness and movement, delicate flowers bloom in the finest coloured and precious stones. There are also lively and graceful animals such as birds, dragonflies and butterflies. THIALH uses a wide range of coloured gemstones to recreate nature's vitality and the seasons' rhythm.

This stunning pair of earrings is made from 18K white gold, blue sapphire, tsavorite, south sea pearl and white brilliant-cut diamonds. A THIALH classic interpreted in an unexpected and modern way. A sparkling homage to THIALH's incomparable craftsmanship.

  • 18K White Gold
  • Diamonds, brilliant-cut 0.38cts
  • South Sea Pearl (Diameter: 11-11.5mm)
  • Blue Sapphire 0.79cts
  • Tsavorite 0.035ct

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在 FLORA & FAUNA 系列中,THIALH 將大自然作為取之不盡、用之不竭的靈感源泉。 THIALH 著迷於植物群和動物群的不斷變化,創造了反映鮮花的輝煌和花園的富裕的作品。 在一個以輕盈和運動為特徵的宇宙中,精緻的花朵在最好的彩色寶石中綻放。 還有鳥類、蜻蜓、蝴蝶等活潑優雅的動物。 THIALH 使用範圍廣泛的彩色寶石來重現大自然的活力和四季的韻律。

這對令人驚豔的耳環由 18K 白金、藍色藍寶石、沙弗萊石、南洋珍珠和白色明亮式切割鑽石製成。 以意想不到的現代方式詮釋 THIALH 經典。 向 THIALH 無與倫比的工藝致敬。

明亮式切割鑽石 0.38 克拉
藍寶石 0.79cts
沙弗萊石 0.035ct


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Please note that each THIALH creation is handcrafted. As a result, the pearl or stone diameter may differ slightly from one creation to the next.