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Diamond Eternity Bracelet (Accept Pre-order)

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THIALH |網球鑽石手鍊

網球手鍊最早出現於上世紀 20 年代,最初只是叫做“鑽石串”手鍊,因為是一串鑽石採用簡單的密集鑲嵌在一起一字排開的鍊子,可以非常舒服的貼合手腕,不會有任何硌手的感覺,本身就是經久不衰的款式。 Tennis Bracelet(網球手鍊)在 1987 年之前一直被稱為 Eternity Bracelet(永恆手鍊),象徵著永恆的愛情。


THIALH |Tennis Diamond Bracelet

Tennis bracelets first appeared in the 1920s. They were originally just called "diamond string" bracelets, because a string of diamonds are simply densely inlaid together and lined up in a chain, which can fit the wrist very comfortably without any The feel of the hand is an enduring style in itself. The Tennis Bracelet was known as the Eternity Bracelet until 1987, symbolizing eternal love.