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THIALH - BRIDAL - Solitaire Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring (Customized Service)

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Description & Details

Since 2017, THIALH has pursued its refined and highly recognisable style imbued with creativity, culture and poetry. The arches of medieval Gothic architecture inspire the ROYAL GATEWAY collection. It builds hierarchical, sharply contoured and incomparably symmetrical structures that are particularly flattering on the wearer's fingers.

Hidden for many years beneath hills in the Brazilian state of Paraiba, and only discovered in the 1980s, within just a few decades it had become the world’s most prized tourmaline. This unique stone, found only on Brazil’s tropical coastline, has a vividness and intensity of colour unequalled by any other gem in the world.

Combining precious metals with exceptional stones, each creation is suffused with character, arousing unique emotions that make the heart beat faster.

This version of the ring is made from 18K white gold, and Pink Sapphire. The solitaire can be customised and chosen in many different carat sizes. Starting from 0.7 carats. A THIALH classic interpreted in an unexpected and modern way. A sparkling homage to THIALH's incomparable craftsmanship.

  • 18K White Gold
  • Solitaire: Diamond starting from 0.7 carat
  • Pink Sapphire
  • Diamonds, brilliant-cut


Please note that this ring is fully customisable. You can choose your favourite gold colour, gemstones and the size of the solitaire. Please reach out to our customer service expert: