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DATURA • ASTRA - 18K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Necklace

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Description & Details

Since the birth of THIALH, a mysterious Elf appeared throughout THIALHs' DATURA collection called: ASTRA. The powerful symbol of joy and hope echo's the various sources of inspiration dear to THIALH: nature, poetry and luck. Adopted abstract or figurative ASTRA is made of sculpted gold and precious jewels.

This absolutely stunning necklace is made of 18K yellow gold, a brilliant-cut diamond, and rubyEach piece is handcrafted and inspires with its timeless design that can be worn in multiple ways to suit every occasion.

  • 18K Yellow Gold 
  • Ruby
  • Diamond: 0.063ct (3pcs)
  • Adjustable chain: 15.3-16.5inch (39-42cm)

Please note that each THIALH creation is handcrafted. As a result, the pearl or stone diameter may differ slightly from one creation to the next.