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A beautiful place, full of poetry. Inspired by the famous English garden of the Four Seasons, the jewellery is a combination of floral and insect elements and colourful gemstones to create timeless elegance and romance for women.


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  2. THIALH - FAUNA & FLORA - Hydrange Pink Morganite and Ruby Diamond Earrings
  3. THIALH - FAUNA & FLORA - Hydrange Blue Chalcedony and Sapphire Diamond Earrings
  4. THIALH - FAUNA & FLORA - Ruby and White Diamond Pearl Necklace
  5. THIALH - FAUNA & FLORA - Flora Blue Sapphire and White Diamond Pearl Earrings
  6. THIALH - Emerald And Diamond Necklace (Accept Pre-order)
  7. THIALH - Emerald And Diamond Earrings (Accept Pre-order)
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  10. THIALH - FAUNA & FLORA - Yellow Diamond and White Diamond in 18K White Gold & Yellow Gold Necklace
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